IT SHOP™ is a trade mark that has earned high recognition for providing computer services. Our business began in the year 2000 with just three employees and less than 10 customers. Today, we service more than 100 companies and manage more than 500 servers and workstations. While many IT companies have failed in the last three years, IT SHOP™ has had average growth of more than 50% year over year and has been profitable for more than three years.

It starts with a Commitment to Customer Service and Support. Every interaction with IT SHOP™ is handled by a real person. No auto attendants, no sitting on hold, no button pushing. You always deal with real people, who really care about the success of your business. Clients can rely upon our experienced and professionals to provide outstanding service and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

IT SHOP™'s primary investment is its employees. Staff and staffing levels are audited on a monthly basis to ensure our ability to maintain our industry leading standards of responsiveness and client satisfaction. We ensure adherence to support excellence through daily evaluations of client interactions and problem resolutions. This enables us to quickly identify and address any interaction or resolution that does not meet our standards.

Success & Stability in a Challenging Business Environment.

Technology is the foundation of our business, but our people make the difference. IT SHOP™ is an employee owned company; every employee gets a profit sharing from the company and is directly related to their performance for our clients.

IT SHOP™ has achieved profitability and consistent growth by staying focused on providing the best support and value to our clients. Because we are a privately held, well capitalized, employee owned company, well managed, consistent growth, we offer the stability that others simply cannot.

Adding Value & Reducing Costs

IT SHOP™ is exclusively a young and professional company with good experiences in many field related to IT. All of our resources are focused on delivering network, solutions and support services that are optimized for customers. Our goal is to provide a single point of accountability for your IT needs while adding value, not cost.

IT SHOP™ helps customers optimize their network & system, rapidly deploy new technologies and maintain maximum uptime and productivity.

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