Card access system

Nowadays business cannot rely on traditional card punching system for efficiency reason
The proximity card system has been widely implemented in many factories, offices & multi-national companies and proves to be successful.    
Card Access system can reduce administration costs. It can mark attendance or generate reports for absentee, late comer, over time & etc…
Reports can be incorporated into your payroll system.

The Card Access system can be hook up with door access restricting employ, contractors or visitors to access company facilities.
Card Access also monitors date & time of access by users, thus allowing accountability for sensitive areas like Store, Account Department or computer room.
Card Access system uses Employee ID Smart Card that can be printed as employee badge with name and photograph. It stores employee information in the smart card so when the employee report to work, it recognize employee’s detail and mark the attendance. With the card access system that hooked up with door lock, the employee can access to areas or rooms within their scope of work and their access date & time will be recorded.    

More advance method such as applying Apple iBeacon Technology (communicating via bluetooth devices) can also be implemented.

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